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best laser surgeon in kolkata - Dr SP Mahato

Best Laser Surgeon in Kolkata

LASER surgery has revolutionized the treatment of piles, fissure & fistula. The procedure produces less bleeding & pain. After Laser surgery patient can be discharged in the same day. The recovery after the surgery is generally short and effortless.

1. LASER Surgery for Piles (Haemorrhoids)

In LASER surgery for piles or haemorrhoids, the surgeon focuses a narrow beam of LASER on the apex of the haemorrhoidal tissues to disrupts its blood flow and allows the haemorrhoids to shrink. LASER surgery with its high precision also help to preserve anal mucosa and anal sphincter mechanism.

2. LASER Surgery for Fissure

An anal fissure is a tear or sore in our anus. Surgical methods are usually recommended when the fissures don’t heal from taking medications and preventing constipation. LASER surgery (i.e. LASER Lateral Anal Sphincterotomy) is emerged as one of the best surgical method for treating anal fissure.

3. LASER Surgery for Fistula-in-ANO

LASER surgery for fistula-in-ANO (FILAC & DLPL) are novel sphincter-saving procedures for the treatment of anal fistulas. Primary closure of the track is achieved using LASER energy emitted by a radial fiber connected to a diode LASER.

4. LASER Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus

Laser surgery is a relatively quick and effective treatment for pilonidal sinus. The entire sinus is cleaned first, then a laser beam is passed into the sinus, and the tract is destroyed using a radial laser fiber without leaving a large wound or needing a flap. The sinus gets cured and the wound heals without stitches.

LASER surgery in the treatment of anorectal diseases, is nothing short of a revolution in surgical field . It has enabled people to get treated for anorectal disease without any hassle. The recovery that took months with conventional treatments now happens within a week. While trusting technological benefits, it should not be ignored that the outcome of every treatment largely depends on what the patient does to ensure the best healing.

If you are searching the Best LASER Surgeon in Kolkata then you must connect with Dr. Susenjit Prasad Mahato atleast once. He is the most trusted and one of the Best LASER Surgeon in Kolkata. You will not have to suffer anymore for piles, fissure and fistula, just consult with him once and get treated under his supervision and you will be cured permanently from those severe diseases. He is such a trusted and finest proctologist in Kolkata who cures your piles, fissure and fistula from the root.

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